The belief that, as a diabetic you are required to deny yourself a lot of pleasures does not make eating out any easier. Yet a diabetes diet means “enjoying healthy food whilst keeping an eye on the carbohydrates”, i.e. the kind of diet that is good for all of us.

In today’s hectic consumer society, it is not always easy to spend time on and pay attention to “diabetes” and what this may entail. The wide diversity in terms of food offerings and preparations also makes it difficult on people affected  by diabetes to determine the right sugar content in the dishes proposed.

Nonetheless, the new technologies used to measure glucose (smaller devices, Apps  to work out the carbohydrates, etc.),  the new medicines and insulins all combine to enable those affected  by diabetes to go out and enjoy a meal without feeling guilty, provided they are accurately informed of the nutrients in their food.

Then why is it so difficult to arrive at a healthy diet? I thought to myself. There has to be a better way than this! What if…? The idea that it is not just the distance between people affected  by diabetes and the restaurant that can be overcome, but the gap with the very notion of “diet” was seen to be growing wider. With better guidance, a better understanding of food  and nutrients, and information about the way preparations are put together, arriving at a healthy diet is within reach.

The idea of a reference point for people affected  by diabetes, along with chefs, and people looking to enjoy a healthy diet. The foundations were laid with the help of a couple of keen employees and ZUCSU saw the light of day.

The name ZUCSU sounded perfect: ZUCSU alludes to diabetes because of its abbreviation of the word “sugar” in a variety of different languages: Zucker, Zucchero, Sucre, Sugar …. as well its reference to our aim: thinking about sugars.

ZUCSU is meant to enable people to get in touch amongst themselves (discussion forum) to engage in dialogue and arrive at a better understanding of all matters relating to healthy food, as well as serving as a guide for anyone looking to enjoy a healthy diet.