We believe in a fair and healthy kitchen with exclusive fresh products

Colourful, sumptuous dishes created using only fresh and seasonal produce.



Market freshness!

It comes from the fusion of Dirk’s love of authentic France, his creativity, his talent for marrying surprising tastes, and his rigorous work ethic. 

Hostess: Ilse Bilzen

Fresh Cuisine according to the seasons.

Hostess : Valentina Foche and Veslava Potchobout

HostessJennifer Silvius (2012 : sommelier van het Jaar)

Recipes in tune with the concept combining flavor and seasons.

Hôtesse : Liesbeth Janssens

Maîtresse de maisone : Liana Cappiello

Manager Albano Caico

Chaque jour se réinventer

Nostalgy from 1909

At home in the Ardennen.

Hostess : Marieke


Hostess Heidi Raes

Gastheer : Tom D’Hooghe