Colourful, sumptuous dishes created using only fresh and seasonal produce.



Host and sommelier : Tim Swiers

A kitchen with caracter, pure and from the ground.

Hostess Nel Craenmehr

Hostess: Ilse Bilzen

Hostess : Lien

Hostess : An Kint

Hôtesse : Liesbeth Janssens

Maîtresse de maison : An Penxten

The essence always remains THE PRODUCT.

Guests cannot help but share in the optimism and passion with which Paul-Luc and Nicole Meesen run their restaurant,

which offers a creative cuisine that still reflects a traditional basis.

Expérience gustative moderne avec des créations de saison, raffinées avec ce que Haspengouw a de mieux à offrir.
Authentic cuisine, respect for tradition, inventive  with French base

Een eigentijdse brasserie met lekker eten aan democratische prijzen.

Boury :  restaurant

Caspium by Boury : guestrooms

Musa : Private dining – conferences

Restaurant au fil des saisons

Awakning your senses : senses of sight, senses of smell, enses of taste.

Ambassador ZUCSU 2016-2017

The inexorable choice for first-class basic products

At home in the Ardennen.

Passion makes a world of difference.

Relais et Châteaux

Mastercook Belgium

Hôtesse de maison : Sofie Fleerackers

Hôtesse de maison : Ruth

Hostess : Marieke

“We work out of love for the profession, not for culinary guides”
“We sign for culinary pampering. Recognizable, but also surprising: a classic kitchen with modern touches. “
Sommelier : Elise Boeckxstaens

Gastvrouw Laurence Wynants

“Le dernier vendredi du mois De Jonkman sert un menu spécial.

Le NorthSeaChef  met alors entièrement l’accent sur les possibilités culinaires offertes par des poissons moins connus de la Mer du Nord.”

Vendredi = Jour du Poisson

Gastvrouw Sandra Meirlevede

Golf en polo Club

La combinaison d’un endroit contemporain, d’une équipe qui incarne la simplicité et la rigueur et d’une cuisine régionale revisitée pour atteindre un niveau gastronomique.”

Carlo Zecchin: maître en salle et sommelier

“Food is our religion. Daarom staat de keuken in The Jane op de plaats van het altaar.”

Come hungry, leave happy.

Urban Farming : city garden on the roof terrace.

Taste from the garden, fleur on your plate and pit in your life.

Where wine meets food

Hôtesse de maison : Tinnek Willaert

Restaurant Den Silveren Harynck stands for more than 25 years of experience in taste and quality. You will be welcomed here, according to the rules of art, in a cordial and warm way by hostess Els Vyt and son Sam Van Landeghem . They are happy to spoil you in a beautiful, stylish interior,iIn the modern room, sunny garden terrace with water side or at the back of the garden with a large koi pond.

On your plate you will be pampered by Chef Luc Van Landeghem from his innovative and French oriented kitchen. Chef Luc has developed a unique style and works only with fresh and seasonal products. Working with healthy, honest products is really crucial for this chef.

He pampers you with particularly creative dishes with a harmonious balance between classical and experimental from the tasting board to the tempting dessert. You can make your choice from a very extensive à la carte and various menus.

But as chef Luc says:

A kitchen tailored to the customer!

Xaverius Kooklessen à la carte