Ambassador for Grand Duchy of Luxembourg : René Mathieu

‘My cuisine pays tribute to nature and wild herbs, which titillate the taste buds.’
René Mathieu (La Distillerie)

René Mathieu and nature are hand in glove. One might even say that the chef already discovered his passion for plants as a toddler, through both his grandfather, who was a ranger, and his grandmother. As a cooking aficionado, the latter succeeded in pulling a tour de force each and every single season by surprising young René with delicate herbs she added to her dishes, enabling him to learn all about the special flavours she was able to conjure up.
Unfortunately, sugar and salt abuse is a real public health threat – which, in recent years, prompted chef Mathieu to reduce the amount of sugar in his preparations by two thirds. Still, this decision hasn’t prevented him from continuing to serve tasty desserts.
‘Ripe fruit is already sweet enough in and of itself,’ René Mathieu says. ‘By refraining from adding sugars, the raw produce really comes into its own.’
Our Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Ambassador is pleased to note that healthy cooking – which he has been passionate about for 30 years now – has become a true fashion phenomenon. The general public’s tastes have evolved in ways that can only be welcomed. As our ambassador has always remained true to himself, deciding to support ZUCSU almost came naturally to him. Now, the chef would like nothing more than share his experiences with others and learn even more about the subject. In this, Mathieu is assisted by a team that is fully aware of his philosophy and helps him pick the freshest herbs available.

Restaurant : La Distillerie – Château Bourglinster