To build Zucsu over the years ahead into the benchmark for healthy food, at the restaurant and at home.

At the restaurant

Just this once, just on this special occasion, a business dinner…

Developing a guide that is packed with information about restaurants that serve diabetic-friendly food and assist F&B establishments in their efforts.

To this end we can rely on the expertise, commitment and enthusiasm of the Gault Millau culinary guide. The people at Gault Millau have been working for years to provide the general public with the right information about the F&B industry.

This was to become a guide within a guide. A guide that lists appropriate F&B establishments as well as a guide for people affected by diabetes and people looking to enjoy healthy food. A worldwide problem is tackled at source: “Enjoying delicious and healthy food whilst keeping an eye on the carbohydrates.”

At home

Setting up a discussion forum and a studio involving cookery workshops, get-togethers and meetings for anyone who wants to find out more.

Through cookery workshops involving master chefs, we will be focusing attention on healthy diets. The emphasis will be placed on the amount of carbohydrates and fibres and the way they impact on the sugar content, as well as on the alternatives available.

Company visits, child events and shop tours will be used to bring today’s consumption products into keen focus.

Via the website, meetings and seminars, we are set to bring lots of tips and information, making available dishes and recipes from our chefs, whilst enabling people to exchange information on ingredients and their impact on the preparations.

We advocate healthy food at home.

This project is open to anyone who wishes to contribute to help turn it into a success that reaches as many people as possible, diabetics and non-diabetics alike.